GMP’s Energy Storage Solution (ESS) Program for Battery Backup Systems

Green Mountain Power (GMP) customers can now sign up for the Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) program. This program is modeled on the company’s popular and groundbreaking pilot programs that have shown proven cost savings for all GMP customers, while providing convenient and seamless back up power to participating customers during outages. GMP is the first utility in the country to get tariff approval to offer customers these types of programs.

GMP’s ESS program is limited to 500 customers per calendar year statewide. You have the option of paying $55 per month or $5,500 upfront for two Powerwall batteries in this 10-year lease agreement. Customers also agree to share their stored energy with GMP during peak energy use times. This helps your fellow Vermonter lower their annual costs as a GMP customer. Combined, the BYOD and Powerwall programs are projected to create millions of dollars in savings for all GMP customers.

Don’t be left in the dark. Enrollment process for this great program starts June 5th 2020 and these slots will fill up quickly. Sign up for the ESS program today!