Energy efficiency measures and efficiency programs can mean huge savings for customers and the programs’ administrators. Currently, at a range between 3-12 cents per kWh2, and with power-generating installs costing $700–6,800/kW3, efficiency programs are the place to start as you look to lower your utility bill.  These programs, like what Efficiency Vermont offers free of charge, and that which you are already paying for with your Vermont taxes, also help utilities reach their energy-saving mandates.

Meet Jake Raubichaud, Power Guru’s energy efficiency guru and partner for our customer’s first step in achieving energy independence.  In a recent interview with Jake, who is also Efficiency Vermont’s top energy efficiency analyst and owner of Analyzing Energy, his response was, “I agree with the article as the best return on investment (ROI) as solar, insulation, and other weatherization upgrades.”
Jake has been working with Power Guru to provide our customers the audit that is where you should begin as you look to understand your best options for either solar or other renewable energy sources.  According to Jake, “In my opinion, efficiency is the first and most important step to solar because a home that is not operating at an efficient level will still be using more energy than it needs to. No matter the size of the house, by adding solar and upgrading weatherization measures, it helps lower the carbon footprint to reduce climate change.”

What we believe about beginning with an energy efficiency audit, is that in order to consider solar, you must first lower your carbon footprint and become as energy efficient as possible.  Power Guru has a long-standing commitment to honesty – if the house needs efficiency retrofits to require less solar, we’ll always recommend that first.  Reducing our carbon footprints is the primary goal with all of this. And as Jake said, “an added bonus to the energy efficiency and solar ROI is knowing that we are doing our part- because we are all in this fight together.”