Re-branded as Rise Light & Power, Ravenswood announced last week that they WILL NOT be building any new fossil-fueled generation.

Instead, they are developing a 1,200 MW transmission line to deliver wind and solar production from upstate NY into the NYC. “The planned Catskills Renewable Connector will link up with the Ravenswood facility in Long Island City, Queens, delivering around 15 percent of the city’s electricity, the company said.”

Late to the game or early adopters of clean energy distribution to mass population-dense cities? Time has yet to tell. What is innovative about this is using wind and solar to distribute underwater, underneath the Hudson River!

“It has the ability to unlock a lot of shut-in renewables across upstate New York that have not had the ability to access customers,” Plummer said.

The project amounts to a sort of geographical arbitrage. New York City has millions of electricity customers but limited space to generate wind or solar power. Upstate New York has more plentiful and affordable land but relatively little demand for electricity. The transmission line would connect supply with demand.

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Karen Jernigan

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