Installing solar panels and batteries in Vermont and New York since 2007

Ask us about the latest Panasonic, LG and SolarWorld panels and Tesla Powerwall, Sonnen and LG-Chem lithium-ion batteries!


If you are looking to make your home more energy independent, we have the design expertise to build the system that’s just right for you. Learn how you can save money on electric bills, and help the environment at the same time!


Is your business green? Reducing the impact of your business is one reason to go solar, but another practical reason is to better control costs. If electricity is a significant cost of doing business for you, then using power from the sun can help your bottom line.


Are you interested in the benefits of solar power, but don’t live somewhere that will accommodate solar panels? Community solar is a way for everyone to reap the benefits of solar power. Find out more about our Southshire Community Solar project. Email us at scs@power-guru.com to reserve your shares in our 250kW phase II solar farm today!

“Power Guru did much more than simply install some solar panels. We were provided with an incredibly detailed analysis of our home’s energy use, which was used to size the system to fit our needs.  It is exciting to watch my electric bills go from $250/month to having my utility company owe me money some months.

I can assure you that I’ve never been more impressed or satisfied with any company with which I’ve done business over my sixty-four years.  If you are considering making the smart move to producing your own electricity, you would be well served to do business with Power Guru.”

—Bob Stannard, Manchester, Vt.

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